V100 0/10V electropneumatic positioner

V100E 0/10 VDC

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The combination of the base model V100 and this compact 0/10 V transducer, makes a simple package for applications where a 0-10 VDC signal is desired. Often found in the HVAC market, but certainly adaptable to the industrial process market, the modular design of the product allows for simple conversion at the time of order or in the field. The IP module is extremely resistant to vibration, is not orientation sensitive, and has very low air consumption. Once mounted on an actuator, zero and span adjustments are made in the pneumatic positioner, which is simple and quick. The package is NEMA 4X rated, die-cast aluminum housing, and extremely rugged in construction.


V100 Brochure
V100E 0/10 VDC Spare Parts
V100E 0/10 VDC Technical Specs
V100E 0/10 VDC Ordering Codes
V100E 0/10 VDC IOM Manual
V100E 0/10 VDC Principle of Operation
V100E 0/10 Dimensional Drawing
V100 Declaration of Conformity
V100 External I/P Wiring Diagram
Spindle Drawings