V100-TUF (Tufram®)

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Where added corrosion resistance is needed, the V100P or E Tufram® coated unit provides this needed protection. Engineers worldwide have recognized the benefits of Tufram® in all types of manufacturing and process industries. The unique qualities of Tufram® add minimal dimensional change to the positioner and coat the product extremely well in all “corners” of the product.


V100 Brochure
V100 TUF Spare Parts
V100 TUF Technical Specs
V100 TUF Ordering Codes
V100 TUF IOM Manual
V100 TUF Principle of Operation
V100 TUF Dimensional Drawing
V100 Declaration of Conformity
V100E Wiring
Tufram® Article
Spindle Drawings

Tufram® is a registered trademark of General Magnaplate Corporation