V100EX positioner


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v100ex_logos_62For Class 1, Div II applications, often referred to as Explosion proof applications the BLX V100E-EX has ATEX, FM, CSA, and British approvals as listed. This module, as with all other I/P modules can be added at any time. This module is directly mounted to the base model V100P and uses the actual supply air pressure, filtered with two 30 microns filters, to supply air to the I/P converter. The 3-15 is generated from the 4-20mA input signal and sent via a mounting plate into the pneumatic positioner signal diaphragm. The BLX V100E-EX can be ordered as an EX unit or can be very easily field converted.


V100 Brochure
V100E-EX Spare Parts
V100E-EX Technical Specs
V100E-EX Ordering Codes
V100E-EX IOM Manual
V100E-EX Principle of Operation
V100E-EX Dimensional Drawing
V100 Declaration of Conformity
V100 External I/P Wiring Diagram
Type test certificate Cenelec 1
Type test certificate FM/CSA
Certificate British Standards BS 6941:1988 Ex N II T6
3rd Party EX Mounting
Spindle Drawings