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When natural gas is being used as the operating medium for valve/actuator applications, this electronpneumatic positioner is FM, CSA, and CE approved for use on natural gas. This compact, rugged package delivers reliable performance in all types of environments. While accepting a 4/20 mA input signal, the transducers deliver a 3-15 psi output to the positioner and throttle supply pressure (up to 100 psi) accurately to the actuator. The unique mounting of the transducer to the positioner is efficient and compact. The positioner itself is a NEMA 4X enclosure and has a tapped 1/4” exhaust port that allows for venting or capturing of the operating medium. The large positioner indicator provides a clear indication of the valve position and can be fitted with a dome style indicator if needed. The modular positioner and converter can be ordered as an assembled unit or retrofitted in the field.


V100 Brochure
V100E-GA Spare Parts
V100E-GA Technical Specs
V100E-GA Ordering Codes
V100E-GA IOM Manual
V100E-GA Principle of Operation
V100E-GA Dimensional Drawing
V100 Declaration of Conformity
V100 External I/P Wiring Diagram
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