VAC Specials

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VAC offers a number of products that we list as “specials”, but yet we treat as standard when it comes to service and support. These products are carried in our inventory and priced very reasonably. They include items like the V100 NI, nickel coated unit, the V100 TUF, Tufram® coated unit with its very unique characteristics of durability and corrosion protection, then the V100 or V200 0-10V unit that accepts a 0-10 VDC signal instead of the more traditional 4-20 mA signal. We also have the V200 EHT (extra high temperature) unit. All of these products have the F05 mounting footprint and the versatile spindle (drive shaft) mounting available for each of these products.

Tufram® is a registered trademark of General Magnaplate Corporation