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Retrofit your valve with a VAC Positioner

Most industrial control valves are equipped with the valve manufacturer’s “standard” positioner when the valve is first delivered. As these companies move into new generation products, they often leave behind a whole marketplace of product needs that don’t fit the application needs. When these manufacturers’ standard positioners need replacing, what choices are you offered? High prices, poor delivery, or discontinued products leave users without many options.

• VAC Gives you choices—Current design(s) and cost competitive
– Pneumatic positioners
– Electropneumatic positioners
– Digital positioners
• VAC gives you service—All of the products are in stock and supported by
caring and knowledgeable employees.
• Retrofitting with a VAC positioner offers you standardization due to our
flexible and versatile mounting (rotary or linear).
• VAC positioners are simple and rugged (all have aluminum housing) with
quality components

VAC Positioner Options

The V100 series uses the base V100P, pneumatic positioner, and then “builds” on
this basic product. For rotary or linear applications the V100 can meet a wide range
of applications from standard NEMA 4X electropneumatic, to EX versions, 0-10 Volt
options and special coatings such as Nickel or Tufram. Feedback is achieved with
the R100 module that “piggybacks” on the positioner but maintains the NEMA 4X
enclosure. This simple but very effective package can handle various rotations and

The V200 series offers the “all in one” housing, with the option for an internal Ip,
and feedback (4-20 mA or switches), and in one compact NEMA 4X housing. Also
adaptable to rotary or linear applications, the speed and accuracy of this product
are achieved with a simple but effective design and quality components. With an
option to deliver up to 50 SCFM (85 psi) and the ability to completely calibrate this
unit externally, this products flexibility is ideal for standardization and retrofit.

The D400 series—Where a communications standard must be met or where the ease of auto-calibration is critical, the D400 has the options and flexibility to meet
demanding industrial digital positioner needs. Available in Hart, Foundation Fieldbus,
or Profibus, this unit has all the features and benefits found in microprocessor-based
technology…plus more. Local push-button calibration and LCD screen
make mounting, calibrating, and programming this product simple.

Mounting Kits

• Over 200 actuator mounting kits available (rotary and linear),
custom kits if needed.
• Stock or short lead times.
• Universal approach to mounting to facilitate standardization and
• Most major brands available.

VAC stocks a wide variety of kits, has many other designs available for short lead times, and will even address making custom kits. When contacting us for kits we need to know
the following minimum information: Actuator model number and size, if a linear valve the stroke length or travel. Other information like valve type and age of the actuator can help identify the correct kit. Actuators go through design revisions and top works changes; we make every effort to stay current on new designs, but the more information we obtain, the better our chances are for the right kit.

Retrofit now instead of waiting on a failure

We stock kits for all major valve and actuator
companies, literally from A to Z: Your most common names, such as Bettis, Bray,
Crane, DeZurik, Elomatic, Fisher, Keystone/Tyco,
Morin, Masoneilan, Neles-Jamesbury, QTRCO,
Rotex, Sharpe, Triac, Worcester, Xomox-and many

These kits have been tested and applied. We do our best to stay current on all of these OEM designs. VAC has off the shelf mounting kits and will custom design kits for specialty applications. Most of the kits are stainless steel and have all been proven before offering. We can handle rotary and linear mounting applications for valves, dampers, and any applications where a pneumatic actuator needs to be “positioned” accurately to achieve the desired control result.

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