Positioner Training

From positioners 101 to Digital

Visit Valve Accessories & Controls, for a day and a half and we will make you a positioner expert. If you are a distributor, OEM or even an end user you are welcome to attend our class. We spend most of our time educating you about VAC positioner products and accessories, but we also discuss markets, competition, and industry trends. We mount to rotary and linear actuators, spending more time in our shop than sitting in the conference room. We provide hands-on training—learn to mount and calibrate, and even how to trouble shoot positioners. Pick up terminology and then transfer from pneumatic and electropneumatic products into the deep dark secret of “digital”, and microprocessors and buss communications……all of that “black box” magic that makes a valve salesman tremble. Until of course you take the class. And we keep it simple — you get here and we pick up the rest ($$$) so that your expense is minimized- no charge for the class. We have one each quarter so you can contact us at any time to get the latest schedule.