Mounting Kits and Accessories

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Mounting Kits

Professionally designed, rugged mounting kits are available, many from stock or can be custom made for specific applications. Good mounting is very important to good positioner control. Often an overlooked or “taken for granted” component to mounting any accessory, especially a control valve positioner (instrument) is the least expensive component-the mounting kit. Many field problems or performance issues can often be related to poor mounting or poor quality mounting kits. At VAC we are constantly upgrading and developing new and better mounting kits. Most from stainless steel, and all of the rugged construction, these important components to the complete quality package are professionally engineered from high-quality materials. We stock a number of kits and will continue to grow our flexibility to mount on new valves/actuators or to retrofit existing valves/actuators in most any type of application. We welcome the challenge of new mounting and will custom make kits for special applications.

These accessories are available from stock and help provide improved product performance and product visibility.

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Coalescing Filter Regulator

AF SMC Filter
AW Series Filter Regulator


VAC gauges (in stock) are frequently used to help calibrate, monitor or troubleshoot a field performance issue.

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