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The V200E could be viewed as the first step in building the “all in one” positioner, by adding the basic internal Ip converter module, and thus converting the V200P to an electropneumatic V200E. This Ip module fits very neatly inside the housing, requiring only two screws to secure the module to the housing.   Internal air porting takes the necessary filter air to convert the supply air to a 3-15 internal signal.  This conversion can be made in minutes, in a shop or in the field. This electropneumatic unit then accepts a 4/20 mA input signal and internally converts that electronic signal to a 3-15 psi output sent into the positioner pneumatic signal diaphragm chamber. Once the module is installed, a 1⁄4” plug is then “securely” installed in the ¼ “ pneumatic port on the side of the positioner marked I. This also means that replacing this module is very simple…only minutes to troubleshoot and bring the package back in service. Calibration and troubleshooting are made easier due to the Ip board on this module, with easy access and the ability to generate or read a local signal.  As with any positioner, the use of pressure gauges makes calibrating and troubleshooting this unit much easier and more effective.  Performance of this VAC V200E electropneumatic is exceptional, allowing this product to be mounted and perform to some of the tightest (highest) industry standards.


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