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The V200E-EX is referred to as an “Explosion Proof” unit, due to the addition of the special rated and approved Ip module for hazardous locations. For rated areas of a plant where FM-CSA-Atex, Class1 Div. II or EEx (and other) approvals are required, this EX positioner product will meet those application specifications. This EX, 4-20 mA module can be specified at the time of order or converted in the field. They operate just like any other electropneumatic positioner, but the housing is designed to meet these stringent classifications. This EX module mounts directly to the V200P base positioner with a short adapter plate that supplies air pressure in the back side of the plate, which internally converts this pressure via a 4/20 mA signal, to a 3-15 psi signal back into the positioner signal diaphragm chamber.  Not to be confused with Nema classifications (7 or 9) these FM-CSA, -ATEX, etc. area classifications/approvals are accompanied with the appropriate certificate documentation.  For position feedback VAC offers a special third-party mounting adapter that allows for EX feedback mounting directly to the unit, eliminating clumsy linkage arms and complicated mounting.



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