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The V200 FF incorporates a unique “fail in place” Ip module that very simply adapts to the base V200P positioner. Most standard electropneumatic positioners when power (signal) is lost, go to zero, and the pneumatic output will default to one of the positioner ports (on the V200 it is the C- port)-this will drive the valve/actuator in one direction. The V200FF fail freeze, on loss of power, actually “locks” the air in place due to the unique design of the Ip module. This means the valve/actuator package will “fail in place”, and will not move, by design, until power is restored and a new input signal is changed. Under normal conditions, the V200FF operates much like other electropneumatic positioners. Common applications for this product are dampers but can be utilized in critical applications where fail-safe systems are desired.  The Ip module and accompanying plate becomes an integral part of the V200 based product with internal air supplied through the positioner into the special “fail freeze” Ip.


V200 Brochure
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V200E-FF External IOM Manual 
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