V200IS positioner


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The V200E-IS unit is used where Intrinsically safe (IS) applications are required or accepted for certain hazardous locations. The IS module fits neatly inside of the base V200 housing and secured very simply with two screws. Intrinsically safe circuits utilize a safety barrier, (commonly a Zener barrier located in a non-hazardous location, in conjunction with the IS positioner. The V200 has approvals for Atex, CSA, and FM.  The appropriate IS certificates are provided with this product.

Position feedback for this product is achieved through a special third-party mounting kit that allows a wide variety of well known market-accepted feedback products.  This also keeps the overall package very simple and compact.


V200 Brochure
V200E-IS Spare Parts
V200E-IS Technical Specs
V200E-IS Ordering Codes
V200E IOM 
V200E-IS Principle of Operation
V200E-IS Dimensional Drawing
V200E-IS Control Drawing
V200E-IS SIRA Certificate
V200 Country of Origin
V200 Declaration of Conformity
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