R100/R300 Feedback Module

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R100 Feedback Module

When position feedback is needed or could benefit the process loop/control valve package, this module can be simply added (piggybacked) to any of the V100 series positioners, without special mounting and calibrated without special tools. Coupled with the V100, the V100/R100 package still maintains its NEMA 4 X rating, due to sealing designs. For applications requiring an EX rated positioner and switch we can offer our V100E-EX and a special adapter to accommodate various brand-specific switch options. Available with mechanical or reed switches, 4-20 mA transmitter, or a combination of these items, this modular design is a very cost-effective, but accurate way of adding position feedback. Calibration of the R100 unit is made simple with spring-loaded cams for switch setting and a spring-loaded potentiometer that is also spring loaded. Trim pots make fine-tuning the 4/20 mA output signal very easy and accurate. This unit can be factory mounted to a positioner or shipped and mounted in the field. If used in the field, the R100 is shipped without a cover and the positioner cover is used to seal the complete package.

R300 Stand Alone Feedback Module

The same simple design concept of the R100 is used to make a standalone switch, with all of the above features. A bottom plate is added that has the F05 mounting pattern and then accepts our interchangeable drive shafts (spindles) that are used with our positioner products. This unit is shipped with either our standard cover and flat indicator or can be equipped with a dome indicator.


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