V100E Electropneumatic Positioner

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By adding the internal I/P module, the base model V100 Pneumatic valve positioner is quickly converted to an electropneumatic valve positioner-at time of order or in the field-simple and effective. The I/P module is fed supply pressure air through specially designed filters and uses a 4-20mA analog signal to convert this supply air to a 3-15 signal for mechanical positioner response. This also means that troubleshooting this product is simple and the I/P module can be replaced while mounted on the actuator. An I/P conversion kit would include the I/P module and terminal board, an o-ring to seal the board, a screw to secure the board, and a special stainless steel 1/4” plug for plugging (tightly) the I/P port on the gauge block. (Items 3,18, 20, and 41 of spare parts)


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