V100 Fail Freeze Positioner

V100E-Fail Freeze Positioner

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v100ff_logo_62By adding the Fail Freeze module to the base pneumatic valve positioner, you convert this product to an electronic “fail in place” positioner. While under normal function, this unit operates as a normal 4-20 mA positioner. However, should you have a power interruption, the special unit will “lock” the actuator in place and “fail freeze” the package at its last signal position. Once power is restored, the unit will regain its original normal operation.


V100 Brochure
V100E-FF Spare Parts
V100E-FF Technical Specs
V100E-FF Ordering Codes
V100E-FF IOM Manual
V100E-FF Principle of Operation
V100E-FF Dimensional Drawing
V100 Declaration of Conformity
External I/P Wiring
Spindle Drawings
Fail Freeze Orientation/Sensitivity Statement