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This VAC unit is available in a V200P­-NIC for pneumatic applications or a V200E­-NIC for electropneumatic applications. This high phosphor nickel plating is considered one of the most corrosion resistant nickel coatings available. Nickel coating has the unique feature of allowing liquids to drain easily. The food and beverage industry realize this benefit where frequent washdowns are required for hygienic reasons. The combinations of the VAC nickel coated unit, and many of the stainless actuators make a very good “corrosion resistant package”, stretching the V200 Nickel’s range of applications. All of the options like special cams, dome indicators, position feedback, and more are available within this products offers.  And since the V200 feedback is internal, 4-20 mA feedback and or switches can be added very easily.  Other accessories including the flexible VAC Mounting Kit program are available for this product as well.


V200 Brochure
V200E Spare Parts List
V200-NIC Tech Specs / Ordering Codes / Principal of Operation
V200 IOM Manual
V200-NIC Dimensional Drawing
V200 Country of Origin
V200 Declaration of Conformity
Spindle Drawings