V200-TUF (Tufram®)

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Where added corrosion resistance is needed, the V200P or E Tufram® coated unit provides this needed protection. Engineers worldwide have recognized the benefits of Tufram® in all types of manufacturing and process industries. The unique qualities of Tufram® add minimal dimensional change to the positioner and coat the product extremely well in all corners of the product inside and outside. Tufram® coatings exhibit much greater corrosion resistance than conventional hard anodizing. Some types show extremely high resistance to most common chemicals and salt spray. Tests show no effect after 168 hours immersion in Aqua Regia at 248°F (120°C). A Tufram® coated surface showed almost no corrosive activity after prolonged, continuous exposure to the atmosphere and salt water.  Standard VAC accessories like feedback, beacons, special cams, and the flexible VAC mounting kit program are available for this unique positioner product as well.


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Tufram® is a registered trademark of General Magna Corporation