V200-Feedback Unit

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This “all in one” V200 unit offers the ability to add various forms of position feedback, into one compact NEMA 4X housing. The V200 is pre-drilled and ready to accept switches,(mechanical or reed/proximity) 4/20 mA, Pot, or any combination of these in modular form. These options are offered as “modules” and can be installed very simply into the housing and do not interfere with access to the other key components, such as the Ip module or the spool valve assembly. As with all of the V200 accessory modules, they can be ordered with the unit initially, or installed in the field. The housing has conduit entry ports on two different sides, so that wiring entry can be made easier. The design of these modules, while simple and easy to calibrate, are manufactured with quality components, and provide very accurate position feedback. Position feedback is a growing need in our markets, and this package not only responds to that need, but makes it very simple, flexible, and cost-effective.  All standard units can be equipped with these non-rated feedback modules.  For the EX and IS units, VAC offers a third party mounting kit option, allowing for a compact addition of most any popular EX feedback housing on the market.



V200 Brochure
V200-Feedback Unit Technical Specs
V200-Feedback Unit Ordering Codes
V200-Feedback Unit IOM Manual
V200 EX (Third Party) Switch Mounting Instructions