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The V200P pneumatic positioner uniquely blends a simple durable design of a force balanced spool valve product with a high degree of quality components and the flexibility to convert this base Nema 4X unit to various electropneumatic alternatives. The unit can operate on a simple pneumatic 3-15 PSI single or a 24-psi range such as 6-30 or 3-27 psi.  The rugged die-cast aluminum housing is coated inside and outside with a polyester coating which allows for the NEMA 4X/IP 66 approvals, and a wide range of chemical resistant applications. Mounting is simple with the F05 pattern standard on the backside, and then the flexible drive shaft (“snap in” spindles) option that allows quick mounting to a wide range of actuators in a variety of applications.  The cast gauge block accepts 4 1/8” gauges for pressure measurement, and also has the ¼” tapped input gauges for supply air, actuator porting, and single input.  Various cam options allow for standard or special rotary applications or linear mounting.  The unique user-friendly calibration spring allows for zero and span calibration in one spring and can be performed in minutes without removing the front cover.  Various pilot valves can be utilized to optimize performance or minimize air consumption.  The standard arrow indicator is very visible and can accommodate direct and reverse acting with one unit.  Raised beacons are available in yellow and black or red and green-and are factory or field convertible.   In addition, if needed, electronic feedback such as 4-20 mA feedback and two mechanical or reed switches can be installed inside of the pneumatic housing.  Durability, flexibility, and quality performance are just a few of the reasons the V200P is an excellent choice of pneumatic positioner control.


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